HonorBound Online for PC – Free Download

December 1, 2014, Category: Games
HonorBound Online for PC – Free Download
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HonorBound-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadHonorBound is quite a simple game that serves more as a hobby, since it doesn’t offer very large challenges. As features a microtransactions system, simply spend money to pass more complicated parts of the story; Once you can acquire legendary weapons that way. This, however, can be a problem: If the difficulty increases and there is how to pass the challenge, you see yourself forces you to spend money.

The gameplay of this title does not present problems, because he would work very well in a browser: everything there is to do is touch the screen to select options. That is, it is not necessary to have any ability to control your character, simply click on the right option or spend money to ensure the victory.

Elemental heroes

The background songs are varied and change according to the situations presented in the game; something that should be present in any game of this genre, but it’s not always a feature available. Its quality, along with the sound effects, it is very good and does not have any serious problem or readily apparent.

The visual of HonorBound is interesting because it shows only drawings. Thus, there are not many inconveniences related to ugly textures, since everything is colored very well. As this is an RPG, it’s free, and seems to have a decent extension, play HonorBound can be fun; or, at least, only serve to pass the time in situations of deadly boredom.

Free Download:  HonorBound for PC – HonorBound for Android

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