Horse Haven World Adventures Online for PC – Free Download

March 31, 2015, Category: Games
Horse Haven World Adventures Online for PC – Free Download
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Horse-Haven-World-Adventures-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   In Horse Haven World Adventures PC you won’t be in charge only of cultivation and harvest of cereals and vegetables on his farm. One of the highlights is the ability to take care of horses. The beginning of the game is a bit slow, with several tutorials explaining each of the mechanics.

You start the game feeding the horses and taking care of the farm, producing more corn and food. The extent to which continue playing, is it possible to unlock new facilities on the farm, like a new barn, new plantings and much more. With the progress of your Ranch, soon you will be able to export grain and what more you want.

However, the game isn’t called “Horse Haven” for nothing. Large part involves taking care of horses and, from time to time, you will have to bathe in the animals and lead them into competitions, involving a minigame in endless running style, where you can collect many gold coins.

In addition to ration, you can take fruits and food to keep the horses happy. You can also improve the stables making mess in environments. Clean up for them to live happy, because there’s a satisfaction meter for each animal.

In the game, there is also the possibility of crossing different breeds horses to get further. Another element is time to customize your horse: fashion items can be purchased, like most beautiful saddles and other paraphernalia. All of this will count points.

With a resource management style which is already quite well known by players, Horse Haven World Adventures is a game that features a good variation of style “fazendinha”. The way to play with the horses and do tasks are novelties and will fall in love in the target audience of the game.

The evolution of horses is something that will not be noticed at first, but as you will playing it is possible to perceive how they grow and get stronger. The evolution of the farm as a whole is quite natural. After the tutorial, the player doesn’t get lost and have full knowledge to continue the adventure alone.

The highlight of the game is at the moment to take care of the horses. During these scenes, the game changes its view, moving from 2D to 3D. The textures are excellent and the movement of the animals is realistic.

Horse Haven World Adventures has several qualities and only one flaw: the game requires constant connection to the internet. But this small problem is compensated with a simple gameplay, with the bonus of being all in Portuguese. For parents who will download the game for your son or daughter, it’s good to turn off the built-in shopping, as there are many, especially in time to take care of horses.

Free Download: Horse Haven World Adventures for PC – Horse Haven World Adventures for Android

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