Hugo Troll Race Online for PC – Free Download

April 21, 2015, Category: Games
Hugo Troll Race Online for PC – Free Download
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Hugo-Troll-Race-Online-for-Pc-Free-Download   Hugo Troll Race PC is a simple game that keeps the heart of the original, although it is able to add several layers of difficulty not present previously. While this complicates somewhat the game, finish making it more interesting, since that way you don’t end up just walking through the sets until you reach the end. With the translation in Portuguese, the audio is in Portugal, taking a little of grace for those who grew up with the Brazilian version.

The visual quality in the title is great and refers clearly to Danish character of the Decade of 1990. With their simple lines and great fidelity to the original, thanks to the excellent resolution, there won’t be anyone able to complain about the appearance of the game when making a direct comparison. Something nice is that the scenes of failure and Hugo knocking on screen to draw the attention of the player still exist, giving certain nostalgia for the title.

It’s fun, but everything is expensive in it

The soundtrack of Hugo Troll Race is weak and only serves to keep the game in absolute silence. While is not something strictly positive, also does not represent a negative feature. As regards the noises heard, they are good quality and help to identify the most dangerous obstacles from the track, although not always the visual follow the same “auxiliary rhythm”.

The gameplay is invariably more complex than the original, even by the fact of presenting extra drives. The response of the controls is good, but the visual feedback ends up being a problem: randomly generated obstacles, it is very difficult to really be able to overcome all the challenges because there are curves on the Rails that prevent you to see everything that lies ahead.

Finally, the “money” in Hugo Troll Race ends up being a problem: as each initial gambling tends to accumulate 100 coins, on average, need to play often to be able to release any extra clothes or different scenario. Although this serve to arrest the player, the game is not that interesting to compel you to play so much. Moreover, the incentive to buy gold and watch the ads end up being very brazen.

Free Download: Hugo Troll Race for PC – Hugo Troll Race for Android

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