In protest at prices of alternative colors in “LoL”, fans create modifications

April 11, 2015, Category: News
In protest at prices of alternative colors in “LoL”, fans create modifications
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league-of-legends   Players of “League of Legends” are doing a campaign against Riot Games due to the recent announcement that the game would get paid packages with alternative colors for the characters.

Costing 590 Riot Points, or about $ 9, the ‘ Chroma ‘ Packs will bring three different colour schemes to specific skins.

In its announcement, the Riot claimed the price was adjusted to “reflect the work invested in the creation [of the alternative colors]”. This comment was the spark for the uprising of some online fans, who decided to create their own customizations in protest at the price of the content.

Quickly, Reddit users have created a page dedicated to requests for customizations that are being met with great agility.


In a comment, one of the modifiers explains that change existing skins is an easy and painless process. Shared customizations in the Forum, however, can only be seen by the player himself during matches.

The Riot Games has not yet manifested itself publicly about the campaign.

Competitor of “League of Legends”, “Heroes of the Storm” offers alternatives to color their heroes as unlockable bonuses for players who accumulate experience points.


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