Infinite Myths Online for PC – Free Download

January 26, 2015, Category: Games
Infinite Myths Online for PC – Free Download
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   Infinite Myths PC is a social game of RPG in which you participate in battles using the cards of your deck. Face various missions to get new cards and mount a deck able to face any enemy. You will find other players during your journey, being possible to invite them for a PvP.

The universe of Infinite Myths is all based on Greek mythology, bringing from the gods of Mount Olympus until the terrible creatures of famous legends. The great differential of the game for other titles in the genre is on the card positioning system, whereby here the attacks are conducted face to face.

As in most works of the genre, there are a wide variety of cards and powers, which can be a little scary for first-time players, so it is recommended the tutorial. On the other hand, for more experienced players, the part of the tutorial could be dismissed, improving the experience, since you can only play in multiplayer at the end of the first stage of the campaign.

The strategy defines the winner

Infinite Myths features an above-average gameplay. During parsing, the battles have developed very entertaining with the winner being decided in the last rounds.

In addition, the handling of the letters and the response of the controls appears as another strong point of the game. It is possible to expand the information contained in the letters and effects at any time and without complications, even your opponent’s shift or during attack animations.

The effects of each letter were mounted so that the face exciting stay increasingly common, making riskier strategies appear in gambling.

Beautiful audiovisual set

Despite presenting a fight between static cards, the wide variety of Allied attacks incredibly well-made animations present the player a game with visual quality.

The background songs are good and serve well its purpose, in addition to combine enough themed – this is a feature that not every game can be achieved. The sound effects during fights constants serve to keep it lively, always indicating with the noises the action of each Charter; something relevant to you understand what’s happening.

Free Download: Infinite Myths for PC – Infinite Myths for Android

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