Infinity Rush! Online for PC – Free Download

June 3, 2015, Category: Games
Infinity Rush! Online for PC – Free Download
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Infinity-Rush-for-PCInfinity Rush! is a racing game for PC in three dimensions in which you will drive a vehicle on a track in three dimensions. However, here, you’re not going to move for a static scenario and straight – you will need to rotate the stroller on the tarmac, causing him to have another sense and avoid bumping into the existing buildings on the way.

Although the idea of the game may seem simple, it requires quick thinking and a lot of agility, since you will play on 360. So, it won’t be unusual to have to make emergency maneuvers to escape a building. There is a degree of difficulty to choose from and this is the kind of game that can be considered to be of moderate challenge from the start.

The game does not have a phased approach, working in an “infinite” model of departure. So, your goal is to always try to get as far as possible, getting a good score. You have five vehicles available, however, to unlock them you should collect the indicated amount of coins.

To test reflexes

Although the main task does not change as time passes, the layout of the scenario varies greatly, so that he doesn’t get tiring. Even if it reaches its goal can be challenging, the game features a good system of controls, being only necessary to touch the side of the screen to which you want to rotate the stroller.

Another interesting aspect is that the character responds readily to action, there is no delay in the realization of what was requested, making the game easy to control and not losing in the fun by delays on tasks. The background music is lively, to make you get in the mood of the match, but without breaking your concentration.

The other sounds are related to the actions seen in the screen and everything is in good sync with the animation appears. The graph and the designs are very well prepared, adopting a colorful and cheerful style, making the game more fun. The game is light and does not consume many resources of the device, can be used in more modest smartphones without any kind of problem.

Download Infinity Rush for Windows and Mac

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