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January 4, 2015, Category: Games
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Jake-Adventures-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Jake Adventures PC  is an adventure game in which you must walk by the most varied scenarios in search of the mother and sister of the title character. With a 2D visual, we cannot say that Jake Adventures is a beautiful game, since the title exaggerated cartoony trait may not please many people. However, we can say without fear that he is an app colorful and full of details in all its phases, something very positive.

There are 50 stages in total, with more on the way. This no doubt is very good, however the game is quite repetitive. As much as the scenery changes, and see new drawings, the challenges are the same and can piss him after some time. The music and sound effects also contribute with this factor, since they are very limited.

The gameplay of the title is simple and with few buttons, so that children can play it without major difficulties. Generally speaking, Jake Adventures is a title well unpretentious. There are no major challenges or very whim, despite being an app able to amuse their audience.

Free Download: Jake Adventures for PC – Jake Adventures for Android

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