Jazz-Punk Racing Online for PC – Free Download

January 29, 2015, Category: Games
Jazz-Punk Racing Online for PC – Free Download
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   By your description, it is hard not to attract Jazz-Punk Racing: a 3D racing game with futuristic ambiance and retro cars. The contrast with the reality, however, takes all the brightness of an idea which could be very well executed.

The graphics are average to worse, tops. The modeling of cars leaves much to be desired, with few polygons forming the composition. An interesting detail is the light hit against chrome vehicles, but goes far beyond.

Lack care

The rule remains in the scenarios, which also suffer with few details and are still too repetitive to be interesting.

The interface to operate the cars don’t suffer a lot with the visual confusion, but there is still an option to view a map or a button more apparent for the turbo activation.

Closing the package of the defects, the audio also does not comply with its role the way it should: the sound effects sound annoying, even more in higher volumes, besides music, which also could be more refined.

Free Download: Jazz-Punk Racing for PC – Jazz-Punk Racing for Android

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