John Raven: The Curse Online for PC – Free Download

January 28, 2015, Category: Games
John Raven: The Curse Online for PC – Free Download
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The prologue of John Raven: The Curse of Blue Butterfly is so short and limited that is difficult to analyze the quality of the game as a whole through it. The first thing that draws attention in the title are its graphics: the artist responsible for drawing the scenarios of the game is to be congratulated by whim and careful with the details.

Work environments are quite dark and gloomy, remembering very a scary movie or police investigation. The beautiful introduction, which features a visual “sketch”, is a SideShow. But the highlights of the game does not end there: your story is another plus point, with well written dialogues and engaging narration.

The soundtrack also leaves no wish unfulfilled. The background music help compose the tone of mystery, adventure and there are several cool sound effects – as Olivia’s cries during John’s nightmares. In General, The Curse of Blue Butterfly is a game well fancy that surely will please those who love a good mystery. Worth checking out the prologue: you will certainly be willing to buy the rest of the game.

Free Download: John Raven: The Curse for PC – John Raven: The Curse for Android

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