Jolly Days Farm Online for PC – Free Download

March 12, 2015, Category: Games
Jolly Days Farm Online for PC – Free Download
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   If you are sick of traditional farms apps that put you to build, manage and take care of all elements of the place through a more strategic point of view and time consuming, the Jolly Days Farm PC came to prove that the old games of rural production can be much faster and fun.

Challenges of farm

Gambling is extremely agile, as each phase usually takes longer than three minutes and you need to use the parts available to generate products, sell them in the city and make a lot of money.

This lean objectives-based mechanics and simple phases has a lot of potential to entertain people who don’t enjoy waiting times even keep stirring on a farm for long periods of time, thus ensuring a quick fun platform for the moments of leisure.

Cute and fun

Despite the different gameplay, the Jolly Days Farm doesn’t make ugly graphics or if the remaining distance titles of the genre. All elements have stripped, expressive animations styles and bright colors, making you feel in a cartoon.

The sound effects are on the same line representing each touch and action with funny noises. In addition, the melody that packs the joke is very cool and helps to consolidate a climate immersive.

Free Download: Jolly Days Farm for PC – Jolly Days Farm for Android

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