Jumpy Witch Online for PC – Free Download

November 29, 2014, Category: Games
Jumpy Witch Online for PC – Free Download
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Jumpy-Witch-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadJumpy Witch is a platform game in which you must help a character to jump through the platforms of the scenario. However, the leap style presented by the game is fully innovative, because here you can keep flying after the initial impulse. That way, reach more distant platforms becomes a task possible, but still very difficult.

When you press the screen, your character jumps up and begins to rise in a diagonal angle toward the next platform. You only get when removing your finger from the screen. However, it is worth noting that you only have one chance to make the flight, and, after that, his character just tends to fall. Therefore, calculate the right moment to start landing if you want to stay alive in gambling.

Another interesting and challenging point of game is that, the longer you stay on the ground, the platform is getting smaller and smaller, requiring a major effort in the next hop.

Only looks easy

The gameplay may seem simple at first, because all the players must do is play anywhere for the dummy jump between platforms. However, it only takes a few seconds for the scenario present platforms at very high levels or too low, in addition to having little room for landing.

Apparently, the speed of the game does not increase, allowing warm up to the challenge, but it can get sick quickly. Another problem is that there is no app upgrades or different phases, which increases the feeling of repetition.

Artistic graphics

The visual of Jumpy Witch can be assimilated to a work of art. Its soft lines and vibrant colors turn the game into something really beautiful. Highlighting the wealth of details presented by scenario, showing the depth of the environment for which the witch ventures.

This differentiated visual stimulates our curiosity to find out what the character is doing in that hostile world and what will happen to him at the end of the story.

Free download: Jumpy Witch for PC – Jumpy Witch for Android

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