THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 Online for PC – Free Download

December 7, 2014, Category: Games
THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 Online for PC – Free Download
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HE-KING-OF-FIGHTERS-98-for-PCThe KING OF FIGHTERS ‘ 98 is an Android version of the game of the same name that was originally released on the Neo-Geo console. Here, some aspects have been improved to ensure more fluidity in the fighting.

The game also has features that are not available at the time, although not as complete as the console version. After all, although you can battle against other people nearby via Bluetooth, there is no way to play the multiplayer on just a cell phone.

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The title features a campaign mode where you choose three characters to use during fights: when all are defeated, you lose. Even so, as there is no “chips” to spend, you have “Keep” infinite, which is excellent. Also available is the “TRAINING” mode, which is perfect to practice combinations of punches.

Depending on the settings chosen in the menu before the fight, the screen presents a virtual joystick to the left and right buttons, varying between four and six. Basically, the icons above are the punch, while those below are to kick. To the right of the main buttons, there are different functions that serve to trigger a special coup and “Desperation” (if available).

The remake of SNK PLAYMORE is compatible with the leading market wireless gamepads, as the XPERIA, the MOGA and controls of Google and Samsung.

Free Download: THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 for PC

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