King of Thieves Online for PC – Free Download

March 6, 2015, Category: Games
King of Thieves Online for PC – Free Download
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   King of Thieves PC is a platform puzzle game in which your goal is to become the greatest thief of all time. To do this, you must invade dozens of hideouts of enemies in order to obtain gold and precious stones.

The game has the seal of Zeptolab, responsible for Cut the Rope, one of the most beautiful, entertaining games and popular smartphones. And the new title of them leaves something to be desired, not showing the same qualities.

Fuzzy system

Here the gameplay is a bit different from most games. Although a scheme in phases, there is not a linear system. You should look for other thieves to carry out robberies, and this can include not only stages of the game, but also as the caches of other players.

Is a little confusing, but it works in much the same way as other games. In addition, the gambling is a lot of fun, because you must control a small pet that rests of walls and performs leaps to win the money.

Excellence in graphics

The graphics in the game are very beautiful and well built, proof that continues to make great Zeptolab titles for the mobile. This is one of the trademarks of developer and with King of Thieves is no different.

The game also has an enormous amount of stages, allowing you to enjoy yourself for many hours. The controls are pretty simple, allowing the difficulty to focus only on the challenges, which are huge.

Free Download: King of Thieves for PC – King of Thieves for Android

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