King’s Empire Online for PC – Free Download

December 3, 2014, Category: Games
King’s Empire Online for PC – Free Download
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King's-Empire-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadPlayers who like games of cities and medieval strategy management are a great hobby in King’s Empire. The title of the consecrated Developer offers a very balanced universe full of collaborative possibilities.

Slow and continuous evolution

The retro interface combines perfectly with the style of the work, displaying all the necessary information in a clear and intuitive. In addition, there are several Visual indicators on the interface showing the places in which you can construct or perform actions.

His assistant is also very useful, especially for gamers who are not familiar with the mechanics of the title, as she explains in detail what you must do to evolve.

One feature that may disappoint more players rushed the production of resources occurs per hour. Thus, it is necessary to access the game a few times during the day to give continuity to the work.

Classic style

The stylized visuals feature opaque colors and very few animations. However, the organic retro style should please older players or people who enjoy classic-looking titles.

The melodies that pack the game create an extremely relaxing climate which combines perfectly with the style of the work. The few sound effects available are also very subtle and represent only a few taps on the interface.

Free Download:   King’s Empire for PC – King’s Empire for Android

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