Kite Kombat Online for PC/Windows7/8/Mac – Free Download

May 31, 2015, Category: Games
Kite Kombat Online for PC/Windows7/8/Mac – Free Download
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Kite-Kombat-Online-for-PC-Windows-7-8-Mac-Free-Download   In Kite Kombat PC/Online you must establish themselves as the best of all Prancer, cutting and trimming the wire of his opponents. For that you need “dibicar” while pulling or unloads your spool of thread, approaching or distancing his kite.

Despite the visual simple, the game is really fun because, as the joke in real life, there aren’t a lot of Secrets: the distance from your kite is perceived by the size relative to the screen. It only takes two touches to make it point to one side and from there it’s just sliding your finger down to get her to move quickly across the screen and you sweep! the knockdown in the enemy lines.

The coolest are comments: If you cut the opponent’s line, a raucous celebration touches, but if you go down, the comments falling into great also appear. If you stay a long time without moving or get close to the opponent, then someone says: “it gives line, man!” – or other comments a bit heavier.

The game modes are also very cool: you have the classic combat, in which faces an adversary at a time and must “trim” the kite him to conquer it and be able to unlock it. In the festival mode, the sky is full of them and your goal is to cut the maximum possible – without wires being cut, of course.

Unfortunately the game has no online mode, and that is lacking, since the game is fun and could be a great way to challenge your friends.

Kite Fighting fun enough even though extremely minimalist, both in visual and gameplay. The comments are very funny and help give that climate of relaxation and tiração of fun typical of pipa perked up of real life – without the risk of abrasive. Although it can get sick fast, worth checking out the game, which is genuinely Brazilian.

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