Kitty City – Cat Food Ninja Online for PC – Free Download

May 7, 2015, Category: Games
Kitty City – Cat Food Ninja Online for PC – Free Download
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Kitty-City-Cat-Food-Ninja-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Kitty City – Cat Food Ninja PC is a game in the style of cut fruit, but in it the object of “hack” are tidbits that will serve as food for various hungry kittens. The game does not have a phased approach, but it saves your progress as you advance the missions completed during the match.

Also, there are four different scenarios for you to play and each of them will be rescued kittens different, being that there are more than 30 of them waiting for your help. Also there is the possibility of you choose a degree of difficulty, but in he begins more simply so that the player can get used to the type of challenge.

Very cute and good gameplay

The gameplay is good, because all the tasks are performed by the touch screen and, similarly, the commands are answered promptly, and there is no delay in the realization of what was requested. That way, you don’t lose the fun, since this is a game of quick step and still has a control system that lets you easy to manage.

The background music is lively, to make you enter the relaxed atmosphere of the game and the other sounds are related to the actions seen on the screen. All audio is perfectly synchronized with the Visual components and they help the player both to maintain their concentration and immersion itself at startup.

Still, if you don’t like the style of sound you can turn it off in the settings of the game, through the option offered to the task. The graph and the designs are simple, but even so, they are well made and a great representation of the idea. The animations are also with good quality, helping it to be more fun.

In addition, you can rest assured, because even with a good quality game is not heavy and can be used normally, even on smartphones a bit more modest. If you enjoy games to pass the time, will certainly enjoy the Kitty City-Ninja Cat Food.

Free Download: Kitty City – Cat Food Ninja for PCKitty City – Cat Food Ninja for Android

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