Kritika: The White Knights Online for PC – Free Download

May 9, 2015, Category: Games
Kritika: The White Knights Online for PC – Free Download
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Kritika-The-White-Knights-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   If you’ve played any game Dynasty Warriors franchise or even some game series mobile Eternity Warriors, you will feel at home in Kritika: The White Knights PC. Here, everything works perfectly and the title is surely one of the great surprises mobile of 2014.

One of the best action games of 2014

A hack and slash is nothing without an addictive gameplay and, because of this, we can say that Kritika: The White Knights is one of the best mobile games of the genre. The commands are easy to learn, the combos are beautiful running and everything works perfectly.

Visual anime style is caprichadíssimo, especially for modeling very well drawn characters. Since the design of the weapons until the beautiful surroundings consisting of forests, caves and cold environments, the fact is that GameEvil made a point of perfect in all respects.

The soundtrack leads very well the frenetic pace and intense of gambling. The songs are well written and dictate the mood of battles – especially during the track that makes up the menu, the feeling is really be on the way to a war zone.

There are a wide variety of spells and equipment, and only some of them can be conquered through daily events and quests. In fact, to form a truly competitive character, you will need to shell out a few bucks in the game.

The price of fun

It is exactly at this point that Kritika: The White Knights slides, since the items are extremely expensive. Of course you are not required to invest in the game, however, if you want to accelerate the progress of your character, unfortunately you have to put your hands on your wallet.

Kritika: The White Knights is an excellent free game that, like other games free to play, just sinning in the high value of their items and coins. You will surely have a great time annihilating varied waves of enemies and improving your character, but remember: the game will attempt to make you “swallow” diamonds, gold coins and packages items very expensive at almost all times.

Free Download: Kritika: The White Knights for PC – Kritika: The White Knights for Android

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