Kwazy Cupcakes Online for PC – Free Download

March 9, 2015, Category: Games
Kwazy Cupcakes Online for PC – Free Download
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   Fans of games on stones and colors found in the Kwazy Cupcakes PC a great option for the moments of leisure. Following the same mechanics of consecrated Candy Crush Saga, RED app Games has all that is needed to fix the most committed players who like challenges.

Crazy cupcakes

The gameplay is fluid and very intuitive, because simply tap in cupcakes and slide your finger on the screen to make combinations. In General, it is easy to find items to connect and, in the early stages, there are many explosions and legal combinations.

Things are getting progressively more complicated, which should please the people more committed to seeking more elaborate puzzles. Still, overall, it’s not hard to skip a phase taking at least one star, as it is not required to meet all the goals.

Despite the bonus and the ease of making points, Kwazy Cupcakes loses points for not bringing, in fact, nothing new to the genre. Another problem is that, sometimes, the game gets stuck in a loop too long in which combinations are automatically carried out on the Board.

There is no shortage of colors

The visual of the work won’t disappoint people demanding. The drawings are expressive and colorful and surprising animations for the quality. The special effects of particles are also very good and, in General, should captivate the younger ones.

The joyful sounds follow the same line of graphics and represent with enthusiasm all the actions that occur during the matches. The melodies, in turn, are a little sticky and childish, but combine with the theme of the app.

Free Download: Kwazy Cupcakes for PC – Kwazy Cupcakes  for Android

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