The Lake House Online for PC – Free Dowload

November 29, 2014, Category: Games
The Lake House Online for PC – Free Dowload
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The-Lake-House-Online-for-PC-Free-DowloadThe Lake House is an interesting little find clues in objects and scenarios. He brings a mysterious story and is perfect for those who enjoy games of hidden objects with a good background of secrets to be revealed.

He mixes in an amazing exploration of scenarios (having to touch on all items of the screen to find clues), puzzles (logical challenges) and the hidden objects, being then a complete and very interesting game to be played. Thus, one of the main advantages of this game is just be a great choice for all tastes.

Hidden objects

For those who like minigames of hidden objects, this presents a new challenge: each object found the list needs to be somehow used to find the next. In other words, you need to use logic to determine where to place the item that was found and receive a clue for the other.

This differentiation makes the game unprecedented even for those accustomed with the genre, since it leads to search for hidden objects to a new level. This format is more difficult than the traditional, but whenever you get no output, however, can use the tips button to be able to know where the next object or with what you need to interact on the set.

The scenarios can be confusing

If you like games with uncertain scenarios, this may leave a little to be desired, however, since it is not always possible to see all objects that are hidden in a clear. Another difficulty is that, by being at night, many details are not so visible and may end up getting in the way.

This also happens if you are playing this game on a cell phone, since the small screen hampers even the exploitation of smaller areas and full of details. It’s not enough to disrupt so much, but looks like just developers made portability from computer to cell phone without worrying about the size of the display.

Is it worth it?

The game is The Lake House is great for those who like to explore scenarios and are willing to unravel a mystery. By having various styles into one, it is special for those who like to vary; If you are looking for a game only to find lost objects, for example, this may not be the best choice, since it has many secondary parts of the story.

Well worth testing it to see if you want to unravel the rest of adventure, when the free part is complete. He is diverse in style, works well and without lock, has a very engaging story and brings a different game mode on part of hidden objects.

Free download:  The Lake House for PC – The Lake House for Android

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