Lambi Online for PC – Free Download

March 25, 2015, Category: Games
Lambi Online for PC – Free Download
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   Lambi PC is a surprising little game in which you must help a sheep to get as far as possible. What draws attention is that it is beautiful, easy to play, addictive and completely free! If you are looking for a casual gambling, run download this application and try to figure among the 20 best players of the day!

Casual gambling

One of the best features of this app is that it is amazingly simple, but brings all the elements that a casual gambling needs. It is easy to control, has a difficulty level gradually and that starts well accessible, has a visual well done and with specific animations and it’s addictive — you won’t want to stop shooting the sheep up.

It’s really hard to find negative points about this game — who knows, if he had a system of missions and achievements to unlock, it would be even more interesting in the long run, but that’s not enough to be a big problem. Who just wants to have fun, find in Lambi an alternative weight.

Visual and animations

The graphics in this game are great and surely highlight this app. the scenarios are dynamic and change every departure platforms; in other words, the challenge is never the same twice in a row. The Fund has independent movements and the effect of this is that the game appears to be 3D, although it is not.

Animations in Lambi are punctual and elastic, which leaves more realistic physics. That is, the land, the sheep don’t for once on the platform (although not rolling or risk falling too easily), and movements are very realistic, as far as possible.

If you land on the edge of a platform and for fall, quickly click on the sheep to take another jump. This feature is very interesting and makes the gambling is more dynamic, besides preventing unnecessary losses.

Live Journal ranking

Whoever gets good scores in Lambi can earn a place among the 20 best players of the day, he does not show a list of names of other gamers (even as there is no record in this game), but a warning about your position is shown on the initial screen. This is something very interesting to encourage you to play more matches.

For being a daily ranking, he is not likely to end up becoming impossible to overcome. The scores are high, but a few minutes of training are enough to get a prominent place. It helps also the fact that this game is still new and few players are scoring, so the competition tends to get harder with time.

Is it worth it?

Lambi is one of the best casual games to leap out of Play Store. He is dynamic, it has simple controls and good answer, it’s beautiful and it changes the path with each attempt. The fact of being free and not having any kind of internal purchase is another big advantage — you can leave small children having fun without fear of ending an unwanted account in in-app transactions later.

Free Download: Lambi for PC – Lambi for Android

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