Legendary Saga Online for PC – Free Download

December 16, 2014, Category: Games
Legendary Saga Online for PC – Free Download
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Legendary-Saga-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Legendary Saga PC is a fun game in which all decisions are important and may mean your progress or defeat in different battles. He brings mythical creatures, battles, armies and much excitement, as a classic game of RPG needs to do.

More of the same

If you are seeking a very different adventure and with unique elements, Legendary Saga is the application for you. This game is very similar to many other role-playing games and battles, and until the fight is very similar: you only controls what army decisions to send, but they strike the enemy alone.

I.e. it’s not a game of skill and strategy. Despite being very interesting and make players really need to think, the game brings many news and, if you already have other titles with this installed on cell mechanics, won’t notice many changes.

Visual very well done

Be very similar to the other does not mean, however, that this is a bad game. He has a rich visual and nicely done, that appeals to those who like magic and games with themes in that style. The scenarios are very similar in all the battles, but the animations of the clashes are very well made and fluid, which helps to create a good atmosphere for the game.

The menus, though full of buttons, are very intuitive and warnings are shown whenever there is the possibility of an upgrade or collect coins and medals. Namely, everything is explained and easy to find, and this makes the game perfect for those just starting out in the hobby style.

Is it worth it?

The Legendary Saga brings many new features compared to other games of this genre, but this can be seen as an advantage: he takes what works in other games and put it all together in a fun full of emotion and in which you need a lot of strategy to get along.

The power system is a little annoying, but it doesn’t take long to recover all the points and allow you to play again, so that’s not a very big problem. The prices of the items are very reasonable and it is possible to play without spending anything; you will only need to have more patience for the most difficult achievements.

Free Download:  Legendary Saga for PC – Legendary Saga for Android

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