LEGO® Elves – Unite The Magic Online for PC – Free Download

March 12, 2015, Category: Games
LEGO® Elves – Unite The Magic Online for PC – Free Download
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   LEGO ® Elves-Unite The Magic PC is a game with everything that children need to be entertained for hours: he is challenging, full of beautiful scenarios, features puzzles with gradual difficulty and doesn’t have any kind of advertising or extra purchase. In addition, he is so cool that even if it is no longer a child can play this hobby.

Look amazing

Games hidden objects and scenarios are usually very similar: a messy and static environment in which you have to find various elements. Forget that in this game, since he has a completely different formula and amazing! The landscape has several layers, being that you slide your finger to navigate through this depth of field.

As you can “zoom” in the drawing, parts that were hidden by the scenario are revealed and you can discover objects and little pieces extras that do not appear in the beginning. This style of gambling just innovating enough hidden object challenges, since it makes the search more difficult and interesting.

As he’s done thought in young children, the hints are unlimited and you don’t have to wait to gain new clues to find the objects. That is, it allows anyone to have fun with the scenarios and searches, even the youngest ones.

No ads or shopping

Something I can worry about games for children is the amount of ads that can be clicked by accident and even shopping extras that your children can do without realizing it. In this game, all of that is eliminated, since it is 100% safe for children.

There are no banners, phases or items to unlock with money and no external links to ads. You can leave small children playing this adventure without worrying about unexpected expenses on the card or accidental cloques! This is very interesting both for parents and for those who want a totally free game, something very rare currently in Play Store.

What could be better?

Despite being a very interesting game, some negative points deserve to be commented on. The first and biggest problem is that it is available only in English. As he has many intuitive parts, is not a big problem for the elderly, but the whole narration and characters ‘ interactions with the children is done in this language.

Another point that may be problematic is that he doesn’t have a full tutorial. At first, the game tells you what you need to do, but a lot needs to be guessed. For example, the Golden skits are in the middle of the stage, but in no time you know for what they serve. In addition, to finish a puzzle, you have to guess that you have to fiddle around with the finger on him repeatedly.

Is it worth it?

These problems, however, are only details close to all the advantages of this game. He’s funny, has a very interesting gameplay for any age, has difficulty progressive and will make you stay entertained for hours and without paying anything — download right now the game LEGO ® Elves-Unite The Magic and discover a magical world full of funny creatures.

Free Download: LEGO® Elves – Unite The Magic for PC | for Android

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