Leo’s Fortune Online for PC – Free Download

December 4, 2014, Category: Games
Leo’s Fortune Online for PC – Free Download
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Leo's-Fortune-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadIf you’re a fan of the typical platform games, it is likely that like much of Leo’s Fortune. This award-winning game has a plot that, although simple, is very exciting, because we want to know what happened to the Fortune stolen from pet Leopoldo (and who was the thief responsible for such atrocity). In fact, Leopoldo is one of the highlights here. With its round shape undefined and furry (and with a funny moustache), he is certainly very charismatic.

The game is in Portuguese, although the audio is in English (with subtitles). Speaking of dubbing, we need to score that the title is beautifully voiced, since Leo’s voice conveys well the personality of fluff. Another point that deserves real highlight are the graphics, aided with the excellent lighting effects. Sometimes in a small space we can see how different lights behave in the scenario, be open fields or dark mines.

A scenario more than fancy

Shadows move with equal fidelity, all contributing to anambiance very well made. To complete this great package, the songs in the game are very good and surroundings, usually with quieter rhythms and light (combining with the proposal of the game). Therefore, we believe that the amount paid by those wishing to buy Leo ‘ s Fortune, mainly by this being a high quality app.

As for the gameplay itself, there are two modes that can be defaulted by the player – with or without buttons on the display (and it’s good that you have the freedom to choose how to control the Leo). In General, the commands are simpletons and very few (walking, jumping and inflate), and in a few seconds it is possible to master the skills of the character. Coupled with that, we have well-diversified scenarios and challenges that don’t repeat too, giving a game which is not repetitive. Recommended.

Free Download:  Leo’s Fortune for PC – Leo’s Fortune for Android

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