Light Shadow Racing Online for PC – Free Download

December 10, 2014, Category: Games
Light Shadow Racing Online for PC – Free Download
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Light-Shadow-Racing-Online-for-PC-Free-Download  Light Shadow Racing Online is a great option for riders who like sports cars and uprooted illegal. In the same way as in other classics of the genre, it is possible to acquire cars faster and buy upgrades in order to obtain advantages in the handles.

Reflexes and skill

The gameplay is intuitive for anyone who is familiar with the genre and is also accessible for beginners, although requires good reflexes. Need to quantitate correctly the accelerator during the grubbed up and stay focused to make perfect gait changes that guarantee greater torque and speed.

The large number of improvements of the workshop is a standout feature that, besides motivating the bravest players, also serves as strategic element, because the money must be spent on important upgrades to optimize the performance of the bolide and thus obtain advantages in racing.


In terms of visual, the Light Shadow Racing Online leaves nothing to be desired and will draw the attention of demanding gamers. The 3D modeling of the cars are spectacular lighting effects and significantly increase the realism, immersion and the sense of speed.

The noises of engines and burning tires on the asphalt are exciting and realistic, leaving the matches even more addictive to the people who are using headphones. In turn, the electronic music soundtrack combines with the proposal of the app and improves the immersion.


Despite the good possibilities of Light Shadow Racing Online has some problems, as the expensive upgrades that make the riders who spend real money have advantage over people who are not willing to spend.

Another drawback is that, when compared with other classics of the genre such as the CSR Racing and Racing Rivals, for example, it is impossible to find news or weight differential, placing the Light Shadow Racing Online at troublesome category of “plus one” in the genre.

Free Download:  Light Shadow Racing  for PC – Light Shadow Racing for Android

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