I LOVE PASTA for PC – Free download

November 22, 2014, Category: Games
I LOVE PASTA for PC – Free download
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I LOVE PASTA-online-for-pc-freeThe Italian gastronomy contrary to what many think is not limited in pizza and pasta, Italian cuisine in General contains pasta on their plates. With strong influences of various peoples, climates, soils and reliefs Italian cuisine has its diversity of dishes inspired in this mix of factors.

And are these types of dishes and ingredients that litters the I LOVE menu folder, a game for Android and iOS devices. The title has a mixture of good growth strategy with the cuteness of the characters and items that construct the appearance of your restaurant.

Nobody grows alone

You have to turn to enter the promising branch and full of glamour of italianaa cuisine. No chicken pizza with catupry. Here is serious business. Your restaurant begins small and with few seats and money, of course, but soon you will find mentors who will assist you in your journey.

As a good social game that values the creation of ties of friendship, you must add a lot of friends and expand your productivity. You can’t play without this Exchange online, but it makes its expansion, because the multiplayer aspect is very well explored by the game.

Free download: I LOVE PASTA for PC

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