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May 7, 2015, Category: Games
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Lux DLX (risk game ++) for PC free download - Lux DLX (risk game ++) for Android free downloadLux DLX (risk game ++) is a traditional strategy game based on the game “Risk” that puts players to fight for the conquest of the European continent in the so-called Napoleonic wars. With the same mechanics from the original work, the participants control armies can attack or fortify in the countries which dominate.

Conquering the world

The gameplay is simple and won’t bring any complication to less skilled gamers, since everything is done by means of rings and the interface screens are pretty intuitive. Opponents perform their moves quickly, but it is still possible to follow the actions with clarity.

Although Lux DLX (risk game ++) count with a good number of configuration options and random elements to ensure that two matches are never equal, the lack of a single player campaign or a phased mechanics take the points work.

Another problem is that the fighting can only be locked against opponents controlled by the system or against local players that need to share the same appliance. Lux DLX (risk game ++) doesn’t count with no resource online and also lack integration with Google Play Games.

Soft spot

In terms of chart, Lux DLX (risk game ++) is not exactly a bad title, since the maps are defined and the objects have intuitive silhouettes. However, the lack of most exciting animations and the antiquated main menu shows that the work still has room for polishing. Another problem is that, sometimes, a banner is loaded at the top of the display, leaving the scene too small and negatively affecting gameplay.

The sounds that represent actions, such as attacks, for example, are exaggerated and unrealistic. In fact, you can listen to the sound of helicopters, being at that time in Napoleon did not exist this type of equipment.

Free Download: Lux DLX (risk game ++) for PC / Lux DLX (risk game ++) for Android

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