Magic Rush: Heroes Online for PC – Free Download

April 21, 2015, Category: Games
Magic Rush: Heroes Online for PC – Free Download
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Magic-Rush-Heroes-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Magic Rush: Heroes PC is a game that belongs to different genres simultaneously; or rather, consecutively: depending on the stage at which you are, a different style is approached, however, never happens to a same gender change phase suddenly, for example. With strong roots in RPG, due to its system of evolution of the characters and frequent battles, there are also participate in phases Tower Defense out of the routine.

With a visual well fancy, large quantity of details in the drawings is very welcome. Its excellent resolution makes the strokes even more alive, something interesting when it comes to characters so well drawn. Despite this, the animations of the heroes are very simple and repetitive enough; and yet, the fact that there is very little control over your actions makes you do not need to watch the battles very carefully.

The interesting mix of genres

The gameplay of Magic Rush: Heroes is good, because only simple and basic commands you perform all the actions available. It’s interesting how each special ability should be used differently, so you get a bit more attentive during the gambling. If there was more control over the characters, and play as if it were a Japanese RPG, the game surely would become more interesting.

The soundtrack features songs and has quality consistent with the proposal, even though little variety. The sound effects are always present, but doesn’t stand out much to irritate the player. Finally, all the beginning of the game is interesting and does not limit you to nothing; However, the General progression does not promise to be so, since the difficulty must increase enough to almost make you spend real money for heroes stronger.

Free Download: Magic Rush: Heroes for PC – Magic Rush: Heroes for Android

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