Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire Online for PC – Free Download

March 20, 2015, Category: Games
Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire Online for PC – Free Download
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   If you enjoy arcade games with high degree of difficulty, Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire PC has a good chance of keeping you stuck in your Android for a long time. In the role of a wizard who faces an invasion of flying robots, your goal is to invoke spells quickly to take down opponents.

Powerful spells

The gameplay is extremely fast and very intuitive, since simply slide your finger on the screen to reproduce the drawings that appear like balloons on top of enemies. You can use the entire screen if you wish or be restricted to a smaller space: the app always recognizes satisfactorily the commands.

The high speed, the large number of opponents and the drawings, which are increasingly complicated, make the game very addictive for competitive people who enjoy playing scores via Google Play Games. On the other hand, even those seeking a little fun casual can get along here, since the mechanics is well accessible.

Speed and coordination

The retro graphics reveal quality and pixel art animations very well done that won’t disappoint fans of the genre. The funds of the scenarios change as the game progresses and the particle effects are very expressive.

Regarding sound, Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire surprises with exaggerated effects representing partially realistic manner the attacks and the furious aerial battles. The melody is also excellent action packing and greatly improves the immersion.

Free Download: Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire for PC – Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire for Android

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