Marvel Contest of Champions Online for PC/Windows7/8/Mac – Free Download

December 11, 2014, Category: Games
Marvel Contest of Champions Online for PC/Windows7/8/Mac – Free Download
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Marvel-Contest-of-Champions-Online-for-PC-Free-Download  Marvel – Contest of Champions PC  is a game of great struggle, mainly because we believe that this is a game for smartphones. Not that mobile games are bad, but some genres tend to try to copy versions for PC or consoles, generating gameplay absolutely broken and that do not fit with the tools available.

In this app, however, we see the opposite: commands perfect for touchscreen. Not just the gameplay is quite sensitive and perfect for a fighting game, in which the reaction needs to define the outcome of the match, but the selection of Heroes available is vast, ensuring different strategies due to their special moves.

The possibility of upgrades in Heroes is something interesting, but it may just be a way to try to suck money from player.

An enviable gameplay and great graphics

In addition to being excellent as a fighting game, the graphics of Marvel-Tournament of Champions are simply impeccable: be lighting, contrast or textures, everything you can imagine is in perfect condition, ensuring very high fidelity with the original models of each hero.

In sound terms the songs combine enough themed, being very varied and relying on repetitive little noises. However, don’t expect an absolutely perfect game (even if it is very close to it): the delay in loading is high and often you spend several seconds to start playing, especially in the online environment (at least the answer is good for the commands, as well as in the fights against the computer).

Another possible downside is in microtransactions available, because their values are not nothing “micro” and may be nearly mandatory from the given point of the adventure.

Free Download:  Marvel Contest of Champions for PC – Marvel Contest of Champions for Android

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