Marvel Mighty Heroes Online for PC – Free Download

April 1, 2015, Category: Games
Marvel Mighty Heroes Online for PC – Free Download
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   Marvel Might Heroes PC is a beat’em up game (street fight) with characters in comic books published by Marvel comics for Android and iOS. The game brings classic heroes in cuddly format, also known as Super Deformed.

With a focus on action, there’s a lot of history in the game. After logging in to your account at Google Play Games or Game Center, he sends for a mission. However, you must wait till that other players get in the room. The groups are formed with up to four players online and the goal is to defeat enemies controlled by the game.

The gameplay is simple, simply tap the location where you want the character walk. To attack enemies, simply tap on them. In addition to the normal attacks, you can also use skills that last a few seconds and cause major damage to opponents.

But the fact that it’s as simple as that can be a problem for those looking for long hours of fun in Marvel Might Heroes. The matches are too short, lasting less than a minute, i.e. most of the time, you expect more to the game than actually plays.

The scenarios and phases are also problematic. The scenarios are small and the amount of enemies too. All this leaves Marvel Heroes too casual, and Might make the game annoying in very little time.

Another problem will be for those looking for a game that doesn’t use internet. Marvel Might Heroes mobile data consumes a lot. There are downloads for everything inside the game and the fact he’s only online multiplayer dismisses any possibility of playing without connection.

Thus, the game comes down to a game where you race to unlock all characters and skills. However, lacked a bit of “affection” in time to develop it. There is no story and the amount of pop-ups with promotions and elements for you to spend some real money can leave a bad impression.

Free Download: Marvel Might Heroes for PC – Marvel Might Heroes for Android

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