Max Axe – Epic Adventure! Online for PC – Free Download

December 10, 2014, Category: Games
Max Axe – Epic Adventure! Online for PC – Free Download
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Max-Axe-Epic-Adventure-Online-for-PC-Free-Download  Max Axe: Epic Adventuret! PC  is an application in which your goal is to assume the role of a viking (which looks more like a little Midget Series “the Lord of the rings” and launch its axe on your enemies as many times as necessary.

The first strange point of the game is that it already begins directly with the action. There is a menu to choose what type of adventure you want to confront and even to explain that there are different types of adventures to choose from. In other words, there is a most comprehensive tutorial, except for the information that you need to slide your finger across the screen to launch his axe at enemies.

In addition, another pass uncomfortable of Max Axe: Quest For Loot! is the amount of requests that the game insists on doing in order to obtain permission to access your Facebook profile and use your information linked to it. If you agree of man, until there’s not a lot of bullshit. Now, if you do not want to share your privacy with the app. .. The insistence in the sequence is actually quite boring.

Conan “the not so Barbaric as well”

The protagonist of Max Axe: Quest For Loot! It’s a viking, and as such, is represented by a bearded, long-haired and wearing metallic costumes simulating a battle armor. This whole look is made of cartoonish way and presented with colours and phenomenal animation, especially if you take into account that we are faced with a free game.

In addition to the charts, legal gambling still displays excellent sounds, which generates a visual composition very pleasing to the eye. In addition, your enemies are quite varied and can be identified at a distance — which allows you to win some seconds to formulate an attack strategy.

Against the grain of this visual beauty are the controls, which although not the worst in the world, could be better. This characteristic is quickly noticed when you are faced with a horde of enemies and need firing axe sequential in order to achieve a large area around it. Right now it takes strength, because you hardly come out alive …

Other than that, it’s not very clear what you should (or can) do with the gold coins collecting during the adventure. Even so, with so much imbalance between positive and negative points, Max Axe: Quest For Loot! still manages to deliver a very cool experience, mainly due to its impressive visual quality.

If you enjoy having new experiences of adventure and action, so be sure to download this app worth it!

Free Download:  Max Axe: Epic Adventure! for PC – Max Axe: Epic Adventure! for Android

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