Miles From Tomorrowland Online for PC – Free Download

February 20, 2015, Category: Games
Miles From Tomorrowland Online for PC – Free Download
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   Disney Junior took advantage of the success of its new franchise, Miles From Tomorrowland, to launch an endless game runner. In it, you must explore the Galaxy with a kid named Miles Castillo and his ostrich-robot, Merc. Run by Rocky inhospitable planets scenarios to collect coins, buy new equipment and save his family from danger.

An endless runner median

The gameplay of Miles From Tomorrowland doesn’t run away from conventional and consolidated endless mechanics runners. Jump to Dodge obstacles, collect coins, find power ups etc. If you have played any title of the genre, you’re not going to find differences in addition to the theme of the series.

For being a 2D game, Miles ‘ drive by scenario is completely vertical. However, the concept is little explored, as there are very few alternative paths to be taken, making gambling tedious in a great deal of time.

When releasing other missions, Miles receives items such as the skateboard and the boomerang, which add some slightly different mechanics for the title. However, the moves of skateboarding are more a visual treat, because the gameplay is harder and fought.

Cutting-edge dubbing

For being a Disney official game, Miles From Tomorrowland has a high-quality dubbing, resembling to the Max with the level of the animation. The sound effects and soundtrack don’t leave something to be desired and if equipped to dubbing.

2D graphics are very well worked, with textures and colors fit for a Disney cartoon. The animations are fluid and rely on special effects in a few moments, making the game very aesthetically beautiful.

That’s all? And the rest?

Unfortunately, Miles From Tomorrowland is not fully finalized. There is only one planet to be chosen, with eight missions and an infinite race mode. The other planets are still coming or must be unlocked with real money. Therefore, variety is not the strong point of the game at the moment, which has only an environment.

This is an endless runner well conventional 2D that leverages the theme of the series to stand out. Although well-done and visually beautiful, the game is repetitive and not very varied. If you like the genre, there are better options, like Jetpack Joyride. The game has the potential to improve with time, but for now the theme is one of the unique strengths of the title.

Free Download: Miles From Tomorrowland for PC – Miles From Tomorrowland for Android

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