MineKeeper: Build & Clash Online for PC – Free Download

June 2, 2015, Category: Games
MineKeeper: Build & Clash Online for PC – Free Download
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MineKeeper-Build-Clash-Online-for-PCMineKeeper: Build & Clash is a game in which the player must manage the exploration of a mine. It is necessary to put workers to remove the natural resources of various levels and still train warriors to fight monsters that appear by the environment and disrupt its production.

The game is full of possibilities and can generate a lot of fun for the player. That’s because there are many concurrent activities to perform and several warriors and monsters to battle. Because of this, it is a pretty fun title.

In the Department of graphics, the game is well served, but could improve some elements. The scenarios are well-diversified and detailed, there are several Visual effects and a lot of thing moving on the screen. However, these movements are always very repetitive and robotic, which can tire the player over time.

Ambient sound

The soundtrack is calm and combines with the environment of the game, generating a little tension to darkest levels of the mine. The sound effects are everywhere and can give a sense of immersion interesting, especially when a battle is underway.

There are no complications regarding the gameplay, since this is a management title. All you need to do is tap in characters and in some buttons to interact with the game. Nothing too hard, but that doesn’t mean that the game does not have a good level of difficulty. Taking all this into account, we can say that it is worth the test.

Free Download: MineKeeper: Build & Clash for PC

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