Miner Jump Online for PC – Free Download

March 26, 2015, Category: Games
Miner Jump Online for PC – Free Download
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    Miner Jump PC is a puzzle adventure game that offers exciting matches and incredible challenges inside a mine. Drive a small miner, which reached the edge of the underground to the surface, facing several obstacles.

The game is full of varied opponents, like snails, rats, marmots and monsters. Each of them offers a different challenge and require different strategies so that they can be overcome by the player along the walk.

Climbing and winning

The more you advance, the more difficult and fast become obstacles. In addition, you don’t count with no kind of life, which makes it even more dangerous stay alive on the way. So, perseverance is something fundamental to win.

Miner Jump has a fairly simple mechanics, composed only by simple touches of jump. Thus, it is very easy to guide the character through the sets, focusing on any difficulty in appearing ahead of us.

Climbing the hills

The game has beautiful graphics, with well-drawn characters and scenarios well built. Moreover, the animations are very well made, making the experience with the game much more interesting and fun. The soundtrack is also quite exciting.

Miner Jump is full of challenges that will conquer you. The more you advance, the more challenges appear, making gambling a lot more exciting. Don’t miss any detail and make the most of every detail of this game.

Free Download: Miner Jump for PC – Miner Jump for Android

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