Mmm Fingers Online for PC – Free Download

December 6, 2014, Category: Games
Mmm Fingers Online for PC – Free Download
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Mmm-Fingers-Online-for-PC-Free-Download  Mmm Fingers is an incredible puzzle game in which your goal is to control your own finger in mind-blowing adventures. Drive through a deadly path fraught with dangers and follow up where you get to achieve the highest score.

Mmm Finger is a completely original and fun game that promises to offer hours of gambling for their players. All you need to do is slide your finger along the way, desviandod and all obstacles that appear to reach the greater distances.

Your finger is a character

The game puts his own finger as a character. And don’t even think about taking him of the screen, as this characterizes as having the death penalty as a result. So, you need to devise creative ways to escape from everything that’s in front of you.

Mmm Fingers counts with a series of unusual and fun obstacles. Are various types of shapes and movements that try to prevent you from advancing, leaving narrow paths to your finger through. It takes a lot of wit and quickness to beat them and up until the end.

Animation and fun

The game has great graphics, full of colorful elements and very well designed. The more you avançã more can dazzle the excellent visual of this game. Moreover, the animations are simple but very well crafted.

Mmm Fingers will conquer you due to simplicity and fun. It’s one of those games that you think “How come nobody pensu that before?”. Is very worthwhile and should please children of all ages with hairy challenges.

Free Download:  Mmm Fingers for PC – Mmm Fingers for Android

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