MMX Racing Online for PC – Free Download

December 10, 2014, Category: Games
MMX Racing Online for PC – Free Download
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MMX-Racing-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadMMX Racing PC is a game of action in which you will participate in an obstacle course full of adrenaline, controlling a monster truck. Are five truck models to choose from, and the difference presented them, beyond the visual aspect, is in the attributes of each of the vehicles.

The game is divided by race and, in General, they have a short duration, making it a good choice both for those who do not have much time as to who owns hours available for play. The layout of the phases is also different, so that you do not do exactly the same path.

A bit different

The game begins in a tutorial so that you can better understand how to control your car. That’s because in it you have just the accelerator pedal and should keep the speed and stability of the vehicle without relying on the brake and much less with the option to rotate the device to avoid “sudden fall”.

Thus, we must always have an appropriate control in order not to be left behind and, also, to not end up turning over. The command itself is performed by tapping the button present on the screen, and it is activated immediately, making sure you don’t need to include a time delay in its calculation.

Employee On-Boarding

The graph and the designs are simple, but even so, are well-done and a great representation of the idea of the title. The game features a system of evolution and customization of vehicles which can be a good way to encourage the player to obtain a higher rating and earn more coins to invest in these items.

The background music is adequate to the ambiance, and the remaining proposal sounds are related to movement of the protagonist by scenario and to interactions with elements found along the way. If you enjoy games of steeplechase, but want a slightly more radical vehicle for your moments of relaxation, it’s worth trying the MMX Racing.

Free Download:  MMX Racing for PC – MMX Racing for Android

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