Modern Combat 5: Blackout Online for PC – Free Download

March 25, 2015, Category: Games
Modern Combat 5: Blackout Online for PC – Free Download
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   Gameloft is one of the most remembered of the world mobile developers when it comes to FPS, and the reason for that is nothing less than the hallowed series Modern Combat, which just arrived at her fifth release with the Modern Combat 5: Blackout PC.

Maturing the series

The launch reinforces the attributes that consolidated the series, featuring an immersive campaign multiplayer mode and an extremely competitive. In addition, were also improved several features that should keep fans of the genre stuck to your gadgets for long periods of time, as the squadrons, the events, the classes of soldiers and weapons customization options.

The gameplay is intense and maintains the shooters all the time in motion. Small cutting scenes merge to shootings to give more dynamism to the fighting, allowing the protagonists talk, jump walls, blow doors and participate in other events that require precise gestures insane by the gamers.

Precise and intense

The control scheme keeps the layout consecrated the previous version and help less skilled gamers to aim. That way, even those who do not have much intimacy with first-person shooter games can detonate a few dozen terrorists without major difficulties.

The large number of weapons and customization options is a full plate for the most demanding players who will spend long hours holding your gadgets and killing terrorists. Another positive feature is that the improvements can only be purchased up the character’s level, benefiting people committed.

Graphics in HD?

In terms of visual, the Modern Combat 5: Blackout can become frustrating for many people. Who accompanied the pre-release videos gave sharp images of last generation with the potential to compete with consoles, but that’s not what most people see in a intermediate device.

During our test, using a Samsung Galaxy S3, the low resolution, the jagged edges and textures plateaus demonstrated that only people with State-of-the-art appliances will be able to take advantage of the game in all its splendor.

This flexibility of the app is not exactly bad, because it enables a large number of smartphones and tablets run the game fluid and competitive manner. However, those who have an older device and expects to find visuals in HD must be disappointed.

Extremely addictive

Leaving aside the criticism because graphics, is easy to say that the Modern Combat 5: Blackout is one of the most immersive games of the genre when it comes to the soundtrack. All the effects that pack the battles are realistic and explosives, and the songs change constantly depending on the situation, bringing a very exciting environment for people who choose to play using a good pair of headphones.

Free Download: Modern Combat 5: Blackout for PC – Modern Combat 5: Blackout for Android

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