Mojo Stars Online for PC/Windows – Free Download

May 9, 2015, Category: Games
Mojo Stars Online for PC/Windows – Free Download
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Mojo-Stars-Online-for-PC-Windows-Free-Download   If you’re a fan of fighting games that involve gangs and a lot of violence, Mojo Stars PC is a great option for you to try. Wild in the city in which you find yourself, only the craziest characters and strong have any chance to survive and conquer territories.

Crazy Brawl

The interface is very intuitive won’t disappoint those accustomed with games in the genre, because all the options are well organized and the buttons are self-explanatory. In addition, at the beginning, you are guided and the app explains clearly how to perform most actions in the game.

One of the elements that sum more points to the game is the large number of upgrades available. The character can equip your House and also load several objects which confer advantages during fights. The possibility of improving specific attributes of the fighter is also cool, because it allows each gamer personalize your doll as his fighting style and preferences.

Flashy, but a bit pricey

The Mojo Stars graphics are very well polished and attention by style stripped, the vibrant colors and exaggerated animations. In terms of sound, the app pleases with a fun track that represents correctly the atmosphere of a metropolis.

Mojo Stars only loses points for mechanics Freemium which puts several setbacks for those who do not want to spend with microtransactions. The coolest items are expensive and, after the initial amount of money runs out, it takes a little patience to give continuity to gambling.

Free Download: Mojo Stars for PC – Mojo Stars for Android

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