Move My Lover Online for PC – Free Download

March 20, 2015, Category: Games
Move My Lover Online for PC – Free Download
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   Move My Lover PC  is an endless runner based in missions, whose difficulty increases gradually until the far side. Based on the famous 2 Cars, the player must move two characters simultaneously, paying attention to the obstacles that arise for both.

This title may seem easy and silly at first, but quickly I realized that’s not true. The movement speed of obstacles hindering much follow what happens to the two protagonists, requiring quick reflexes from the player.

Graphics without charisma

Although the game is fully 3D, he possesses an aesthetic well without salt. The visual is based on titles with artistic style of 3D pixel art, as Minecraft. However, Moves My Lover lacks charisma, of colors and graphic effects that your competitors offer.

The soundtrack is another disappointing point. She’s not bad, but not to vary at any time. The music began to hear the first stage is a lot of fun and motivates us to continue playing. A pity that in dozens of levels after she continues the same, without changing a single arrangement.

Great learning curve

Move My Lover won’t play in extremely difficult missions before explaining the controls and the rhythm of the game. Learning occurs in a natural way, without disturbing the gambling. However, unlike 2 Cars, the commands move the two characters at once, and it can be confusing at times.

If you are in search of challenges, this title is definitely valid. If the gameplay is the most important point for you, just put some music on the appliance itself and have fun. It is a pity that the graphics and the original soundtrack do not have the same quality of gameplay mechanics.

Free Download: Move My Lover for PC – Move My Lover for Android

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