Movie Mate Pro for PC (Windows 7/8 and Mac) – Free Download

January 5, 2015, Category: Apps
Movie Mate Pro for PC (Windows 7/8 and Mac) – Free Download
4.39 (87.74%) 31 votes

Movie-Mate-Pro-for-PC-Windows-7-8-and-Mac-Free-Download   Movie Mate Pro PC is an application that aims to help you choose the next movie I will watch. The idea is very interesting, but the execution leaves something to be desired app in many respects.

Content in Portuguese, but only by half

Movie Mate interface is in Portuguese, but that doesn’t mean that you will access the contents of the films in the same language. Both his titles when descriptions are in English and the translation appears only in titles and app buttons.

It ends quite limiting the use of the program in Brazil, once the opinion of other users is one of the most important points of service, so that you can decide whether or not to watch the film.

Slow to load

Another problem of Movie Mate is its slowness. Unfortunately, it takes too long to load the pages with images and text, even with a wireless internet connection to high speed. This ends up leaving the navigation too slow and subdued.

The app also has other weak aspects. Your look is little organized, because the large amount of buttons and images on the screen let the polluted interface.

Even with the possibility of creating a list of movies watched, giving note to the titles and create a selection with your Favorites, Movie Mate proved to be too weak.

Free Download: Movie Mate Pro for PC – Movie Mate Pro for Android

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