Mr.Ninja!! Fever Online for PC – Free Download

December 3, 2014, Category: Games
Mr.Ninja!! Fever Online for PC – Free Download
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Mr.Ninja-Fever-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadMr. Ninja!! Fever is a game in which you are in charge of controlling an invasion of monsters, slicing the largest possible amount of creatures. He is a good classic platform game, but with a different twist in gameplay, since you will not “run in a straight line”, but jump off a support to another.

That’s why, with each attempt you run the risk of falling into the gap between two platforms, being must always take into account the distance between them on the jump. In addition, as physics interferes in drives, remember that the trajectory will be held, often in an arc, and not as if it were a straight stretch.

You cannot select a difficulty level to play, but the mechanics of the game itself is easy to understand.

Challenging from the beginning

Even though the game is easy to play, the proposed task is relatively challenging. The difficult nor is jumping between platforms, because even with different sizes and distances varied, as there’s a shot, you have a little more easy to calculate the trajectory that will be performed by the character along the way.

However, if you want to reach all creatures among them, will be really necessary to put a little more calculating in his direction. In addition, as the game is controlled by time, you have the challenge of getting a big score within the stipulated limit, putting extra pressure on the task.

So, an interesting way to be even more efficient is always trying to get the “Fever”, because the period in which it is activated increases your score in 20%.

Elegant and fun

The game brings a scenary dashing model, with the visualization of the characters and of the items based on “silhouettes”. The contrast of colors used to generate the effect was very well assembled, leaving the iackground is “agitated” and passes all the rush to complete the task within the time proposed.nteraction with the game very enjoyable. The music used for the b

The other sounds are relating to their interactions with the scenario, and all are in good harmony. The command available in the game (i.e. the jump) is performed just touching the screen of your smartphone, making the game is pretty simple to control. Similarly, the response time to the command is immediate.

Although the game has a great graphic quality, it is lightweight and can be used in more modest smartphones without any kind of problem.

Free Download:  Mr.Ninja!! Fever for PC – Mr.Ninja!! Fever for Android

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