MultiCraft II — Free Miner! Online for PC – Free Download

January 21, 2015, Category: Games
MultiCraft II — Free Miner! Online for PC – Free Download
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MultiCraft-II—Free-Miner-Online-for-PC-Free-Download    MultiCraft II – Adventure awaits you! Free, forever.
Build in movement, excavation, blocks my resources, craft hundreds of items, Day Trips and survive the night!

Minecraft and inspired by Infiniminer;
very realistic gameplay;
Research and travel, construction and mining resources in a square world. Crafts from raw materials, agriculture and development.
single player;

Fly and speeding;
Multiplayer for dozens of players, with users located servers;
Many monsters and animals;
very realistic light;
almost infinite peace and beautiful map generator.

Double tap: place an item of the node or use selected
Long play: dig node
To split a half blocks in inventory take the block in hand and fingers simultaneously touch the two cells.
Insert half of the stack. Click another cell and enter the second half!

Free Download: MultiCraft II — Free Miner! for PC | for Android

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