Mutation Mash Online for PC – Free Download

January 30, 2015, Category: Games
Mutation Mash Online for PC – Free Download
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   Mutation Mash PC is a game of forming groups with pieces of the same type, in which you need to have at least three of them to make a composite. However, the theme of the game is a little different and, consequently, their mode of play is adapted so that it is in keeping with the theme adopted, fleeing some of the traditional style of this category.

Here, you won’t swap adjacent place, little pieces but rather drag animals that move from the right sidebar so that they can be placed alongside other already existing in the same scenario. When three are grouped together, you create a mutation and, later, you’re going to make combinations with them.

The game lacks a level of challenge for you to choose from, but it starts easier for you to get used to the style. As your progress, are added new compositions to be obtained and, also, some obstacles in the scenario that will certainly increase the degree of reasoning required to fulfill their missions.

In this way, the game holds the player’s attention, in addition to offering a completely different starting style of other titles.

To pass the time

The scenario of the game is very well done and all the elements present in it provide a relaxed atmosphere for the game. The background music helps the player’s immersion in the game and the other sounds are good representatives for the animations that are seen during the interaction with the scenery.

The control is very simple, as everything is based on swipes and commands are answered immediately after you achieve them. The game is completely divided into phases and your progress is recorded independently in each one of them, making it a good option to pass the time, even if you have a few free minutes.

In addition, there is also the possibility to redo phases to boost your score, if desired. Even with a great graphic quality, the game is pretty light and will not submit crashes, even on devices a little more modest.

Free Download: Mutation Mash for PC – Mutation Mash for Android

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