My Idol Online for PC/Mac/Windows7/8 – Free Download/Play MyIdol app

May 12, 2015, Category: Apps
My Idol Online for PC/Mac/Windows7/8 – Free Download/Play MyIdol app
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my-idol-free-download-android-ios-windows-pc-myidol-app-apk   MyIdol PC is an application for iOS and Android which lets you create a avatar on Xbox Live-style from a photo of the user. He has many customization options, like hair, clothes etc. You can also do various actions with your avatar: sing, make a heart with his hands “and other fun and games. But the app has a great problem for us: is only available in Chinese.
The answer, unfortunately, is not. At least for now: on iTunes there is already a note informing about the release of the English version, which should happen soon. He even already listed as supported language, although it is not yet really running.
No other language has been mentioned, but, to be deducted by the movement, it is not difficult to imagine supporting other languages in the future.
My Idol Online won big rebound this week, but was first released in August last year. It was developed by Huanshi, a company based in the Chinese city of Xiamen. In the portal of your marketing channel, still no app ratings records made in Brazil. Besides China, the countries that have used the application are United States, Australia, Canada and South Korea.

The name of Chinese: 小偶- 我的3D萌偶 for PC

Free Download: MyIdol for PC – MyIdol for Android – MyIdol for iOS

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