Nightmares: Davy Jones Online for PC – Free Download

December 1, 2014, Category: Games
Nightmares: Davy Jones Online for PC – Free Download
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Nightmares-Davy-Jones-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadFor those looking for a game of exploration of the genre “escape the locked room”, Nightmares: Davy Jones is really a good offer for you to have fun. After all, the challenges ahead are interesting and require some work to be completed, although not impossible. Unfortunately, however, the game is paid and you need to shell out five bucks to try it in its entirety.

The soundtrack for the game is very whimsical, counting not just with an incredible variety of songs, as well as special effects. The best point in this aspect is the dubbing for all the lines of the characters, being something that serves to give more personality to the game. The fact that there are Portuguese translation helps, including, as this makes it possible to understand how to interact with the tips presented.

Fleeing the cursed ship

With a very nice visual, not only the strokes were very well prepared, but also used a very interesting animation on characters, especially in the daughter of protagonist: there are great realism in images, yet clearly artificial, have great quality and seem very realistic. The objects of the scene were also well outlined and have good resolution, helping you understand their surroundings.

The gameplay of Nightmares: Davy Jones may leave something to be desired, because the sensitivity to touch isn’t great: requiring a precision too large when selecting objects, often you can’t mark them for having a finger too big – or similar problems.

Free Download:  Nightmares: Davy Jones for PC  – Nightmares: Davy Jones for Android

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