Ninjutsu Saga Online for PC – Free Download

April 2, 2015, Category: Games
Ninjutsu Saga Online for PC – Free Download
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Ninjutsu-Saga-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   If you’re a fan of the series Naruto and also enjoy games of combat with letters, Ninjutsu Saga PC is an application that you can’t help but check it out. Here, you’ll find a universe entirely set in the anime to get stronger cards to defeat their opponents.

Ninjas and cards

The gameplay couldn’t be simpler, since all the strategic issue is managed before joining in the fighting. Battles occur automatically, and you can just watch the beatings or then increase the speed to check the result.

Although the clashes seem simplistic, Ninjutsu Saga has good strategic possibilities, since it is possible to organize trainings, acquire upgrades and also improve miscellaneous items, as well as in a traditional RPG.


In terms of visual, the app doesn’t topping. The drawings are well defined, the scenarios are varied and surprising interface screens for good organization. Even those who do not master the English will be able to turn well in Ninjutsu Saga.

About the sound, the game offers a set acceptable with melodies that vary by situation and well-defined effects for interactions and attacks. Despite this, the overall quality leaves a little to be desired and most people may prefer to play in silent mode, since the sound is not in fact something fundamental in gameplay.

Free Download: Ninjutsu Saga for PC – Ninjutsu Saga for Android

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