One More Line Online for PC – Free Download

December 7, 2014, Category: Games
One More Line Online for PC – Free Download
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One-More-Line-Online-for-PC-Free-DownloadOne More Line PC  is an amazing game of skill where you have to go as far as possible in a very unusual: using orbits to change its trajectory. During the explanations, the game sounds a lot more complicated than it really is, but when you start playing you can realize that it is very uncomplicated.

That doesn’t mean, however, that it is easy. Until the player can get good points, many hits on the wall and accidents with other balls are going to happen, since he has simple controls, but a median degree of difficulty to hard. This makes the challenge even more amazing, since you will need to try to get enough good points.

Visual and soundtrack

Everything in this game has a retro air the years 80, as the colour combinations and the beats of the song serves as a soundtrack. This is great and very well done, with the interface and the animations of the game positively surprising and worth mentioning.

The advertising banners appear between phases and this can cause you to accidentally click on one of them before you start a new attempt. Despite it being annoying, it better be that way than the game have spaces for advertising in the middle of the race, which hurt enough vision and could cause the player hadn’t time to Dodge all the marbles.

The soundtrack for the game is great and matches well with every moment, even when you lose. The problem is that she’s very repetitive, and this can cause you to quickly Marie that pace. Anyway, you can play without sound, since it does not influence truly on gambling.

Is it worth it?

This game is amazing and has a very original proposal. His control is very simple and easy to assimilate and during animations are well done and make the game more beautiful and interesting. Worth to download and test this hobby, especially if you like casual arcade games with a median difficulty level.

Free Download:  One More Line for PC – One More Line for Android

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