Pancake – The Game Online for PC – Free Download

March 6, 2015, Category: Games
Pancake – The Game Online for PC – Free Download
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   Mobile phones become more powerful with each passing day, able to run games full of effects and with graphics of drool. However, just an interesting idea and well executed to create a game that yields hours of fun. Pancake – The Game PC, for example, will make you play and take pancakes repeatedly, over and over again. The best part? You will like it.

Here, there is no complex scripts, characters modeled with accuracy and amazing 3D environments. Everything you see is a white background, an arm “flying” on the screen and a simple skillet – something you could have done in Paint the Windows. But that’s okay, that’s enough for you to focus on the Mission of doing stunts with the dough.

The commands also require no diploma of higher education, since all it takes to make the Cook move the wrist and moving skillet is touching the screen of the cell phone or tablet. Only by the muscles of the arm of the protagonist can already draw he turned much of the food in my life. Still, it is too bad in the service and needs your help.

As the movement of the limb is unique, you must have a lot of patience to try to dominate the relationship between pancakes and pot. A tip is to let the dough pour a little on the surface of the object before making bolder moves. Over time – and some matches in the curriculum – the instinct for when to do the character acting comes naturally.

Suffering, Yes, but with taste

Let’s be clear: the game is ridiculously hard and not give teaspoon for any beginner. The challenge can be frustrating especially for those associates basic casual titles graphics. Pancake – The Game is far from being the ideal choice for those who only need a hobby between one task and another from day to day.

However, if you enjoy games like ZigZag, Bounce and other Kings of the difficulty between the mobile titles, will feel right at home. The addictive factor of the game comes from the fact that the more you evolve your ability to flip pancakes, more will want to beat his previous mark. That way, the player himself is responsible for making the experience gradually more impossible.

Despite the simplicity of production, small details make the experience even more fun, as the tattoo on his arm of the Cook who illustrates the high score and the fact that the pancake go burning if you leave it long on the skillet. Only one thing bothered to Pancake – The Game: the lack of any type of sound effect.

Still, the game is perfect for anyone who likes “suffer” and should not leave it in the hand or the most competitive gamers, since it is possible to share your achievements through the official ranking of Google Play Games.

Free Download: Pancake: The Game for PC | for Android

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