Paradise Island 2 Online for PC – Free Download

April 26, 2015, Category: Games
Paradise Island 2 Online for PC – Free Download
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Paradise-Island-2-Online-for-PC-Free-Download   Paradise Island 2 PC is the second title of construction and management simulation of cities that happens in an island paradise. Following the same lines of Sim City, the game leaves aside the monumental buildings and bet and beach structures that are part of this tourist scenario.

However, the game is not limited to wooden huts and shops of souvenirs, 2 in Paradise Island tourism yields many profits and allows you to invest heavily in luxury buildings. Huge casinos, jet-ski clubs and five-star hotels are just some of the novelties.

Perfect for a simulator commands

The game system and the interface are very similar with what you’re already used to. Namely, the game is better where needed, but still with the same schema constructs and challenges to evolve their buildings. You are able to drag buildings and change items of place for free, what pleases mostly due to the small size of the maps.

A few taps on the screen enough so that the user has access and can build the most varied establishments, ranging from hotels to attractions and boats on the high seas. Just let your imagination flow and begin construction of the island of dreams.

Details impresssionam

In Paradise Island 2, the image quality is amazing and the animations are very smooth and beautiful. The scenarios also call to attention by vivid colors, consolidating a nice atmosphere and immersive. In additional, the textures have several details, great news considering the large number of options for buildings and buildings you can build.

The game counts with a series of sounds to represent the actions taken during the match, something that helps a lot when you need to manage multiple actions at the same time. In addition, the soundtracks with typical melodies on vacation in Hawaii packing its lively gambling. Worth to download and have fun in this archipelago full of challenges and natural beauties.

Free Download: Paradise Island 2 for PC – Paradise Island 2 for Android

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