Pastry Paradise Online for PC – Free download

November 27, 2014, Category: Games
Pastry Paradise Online for PC – Free download
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Pastry-Paradise-Online-for-PC -Free downloadCandy paradise is a game called colored stones, like Bejeweled, but that brings different challenges and missions, as popularized by the famous Candy Crush Saga. However, he has some rules and payload fairings brings challenges that you have not seen the same.

New rules

Although look very much like other titles of the same style, candy Paradise brings some novelties. The most obvious of these is that you can combine stones not only vertically and horizontally, but also on the diagonal. In other words, more possibilities for combinations for you to reach the necessary scores.

Another novelty is that it brings different from traditional missions. In some of them, you against other chefs and precise duela gaining ground and show him who’s boss. This new challenge makes even usual players have surprises with the game and can have fun with candy Paradise as if it were the first time in this style of gambling.

Beautiful and intuitive

The buttons include drawings and Visual cues that allow you to play quietly, including children who still can’t read. Even the tutorial has animations that show you what you need to do, with arrows and highlights, making the game great for any player, from beginners to advanced and who seek novelties.

This game brings daily challenges, special bonuses and the possibility to earn extra coins by completing the quests of the phases. Coins are awarded according to the results and you can spend on special items, bonuses for continuation phases or even to jump some level that you consider impossible.

Lives and system slowdowns

Despite being very interesting, two problems were observed in candy Paradise: it uses the system of life so you have to ask for refills and invite Facebook friends to play well and he’s quite slow to load phases.

The first problem is nothing new for those who like that sort of game. Few games of connect stones currently are free of this system, but if you want a good unlimited gambling, can download the fantastic Ice Crush, which is great fun and has no obstacles of hearts and lives.

Already slow to load phases is something that doesn’t quite take its toll on the game, but it’s pretty uncomfortable for those who are playing and have to wait about a minute until the new level be loaded. Even so, it’s worth downloading and playing this game, it’s fun, newsy and features a look amazing.

Free download: Pastry Paradise for PC – Pastry Paradise for Android

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